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Dear visitor,
My name is Jacques Bazen. I made this website to share with you some of the places I visited. I like to travel, because one gets to know other cultures, other people and other countries. And besides that, travelling gives you the opportunity to check the things you learned from books about certain area's in reality. Which hopefully will give you a better understanding of the world itself, with its special things and nuances.
I was born in 1979. I've always been very interested in knowing things about the rest of the world. Geography and history were my favourite subjects at school. After I got my VWO highschool degree in 1997, I studied Human Geography at Utrecht University. I specialised in regional geography, with an emphasis on historical geography and regional geography of Eastern Europe. I did physical geography and historical cartography as minors.

I hope my website will inspire you to look around, to enjoy the things our ancestors left behind.
Enjoy the pictures, and feel free to write something in my guestbook.
Best regards,
Jacques Bazen


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